My Education/Academics


Fall 2015
UCOL-U 110First-Year Seminar (1 cr)Required for all new students
MATH 11000Fundamentals of Algebra (4 cr)Prerequisite
ENG-W 131Reading, Writing, and Inquiry (3 cr)Gen Ed: Core Communications
BUS-X 100Intro to Business (3 cr)Major requirement
ANTH-A 104Cultural Anthropology (3 cr)Gen Ed: Cultural Understanding
HPER-H 100Yoga (1 cr)Elective
Spring 2016
COMM-R 110Speech Communication (3 cr)Gen Ed: Core Communication
MATH-M 118Finite Math (3 cr)Major requirement and Gen Ed: Analytical Reasoning
BUS-K 201Computer in Business (3 cr)Major requirement
BUS-A 100Basic Accounting (1 cr)Major requirement
AST-A 100The Solar System (3 cr)Gen Ed: Life and Physical Sciences
MUS-Z 201History of Rock and Roll (3 cr)Gen Ed: Arts and Humanities