Overview of the ePDP

  • Landing Page: Snapshot of Who I Am

    This section provides an introduction to who the students are through a creative and engaging way such as a quote, photo, short video, word cloud, or piece of art.

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  • About Me: Developing Identity

    Students will provide a description of the key aspects of their identity. This section should include a student’s personal, academic, career, and civic goals. This section might also include:

    • Personal characteristics, values, and beliefs
    • Strengths and how they will be/are applied to college and career success
    • Personal mission statement
    • Statement of why the student is in college and why he or she chose to attend IUPUI
    • Reflective essay on the first semester in college and what the student learned
    • Resume

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  • My Academics: Shaping Learning and Experiences

    Students will provide a description of their intended major, why their major is a good fit for them, double majors or minors, and an academic/course plan. This section might also include:

    • Presentation of key courses that will impact learning and success
    • Skills, abilities, and knowledge that will be needed to succeed in this major
    • Plans for participation in RISE and related high-impact practices
    • Discussion of PULs and how they will/have been achieved
    • Exploration of personal academic strategies such as time management and learning styles
    • Academic showcase of best work
    • Summary of key learning outcomes from across the curriculum

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  • My Career: Planning for the Future

    Students will provide information on their chosen career, how they made that decision, and why it is a good fit for them. This section may include:

    • Activities and accomplishments within the Career EDGE model (explore, decide, graduation, employment)
    • Status of career decision making (how sure are they about this career option)
    • Career research, including characteristics, skills, and knowledge of people who are successful in this career; expected salary; and employment outlook
    • Advantages and disadvantages of this career
    • Next steps in career exploration and planning
    • Resume

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  • My Involvement and Impact: Documenting and Showcasing Involvement

    This section may include:

    • Personal network, including campus resources (services and people/mentors) that will support college success
    • Campus involvement
    • Community engagement
    • Leadership
    • Skills, knowledge, and abilities learned from involvement
    • Contributions to the campus and community through involvement

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