About Me

Personal Identity

This section is a place for you to describe who you are and to discuss your strengths. You will rely on your strengths to facilitate your success in college and beyond.

SECTION REQUIREMENTS: This page should include a complete discussion of the items listed below. As you respond to these questions, write as if the reader is someone who doesn't know you. This will help to ensure that your responses are clear and that you provide sufficient explanation for the reader to understand you as a person.

Please include a photo of yourself. Be sure it is just of you—no one else (especially children) should be in the photo.

1. Describe yourself so that someone who doesn't know you gets a good sense of you who are as a person. Include information about your interests, skills, values, and personality. Please stay away from writing about demographic characteristics (e.g., your hometown, family structure) unless you go on to indicate how they are relevant to who you are.

2. Write an introduction or broad overview of why you are in college and at IUPUI. Introduce the reader to your goals for college and beyond here, particularly those that are not major or career related (e.g., develop leadership skills, experience a different lifestyle in a large city).

3. Identify and describe your five signature strengths. Use your own words—don’t copy the definitions straight from the website. Provide an example of how you have put each of your five signature strengths into action.