ePDP Across the College Experience

The foundational ePDP is most often created as part of a first-year seminar course. In the first year, the audience for the portfolio is most likely the student and faculty member. Each section of the ePDP will most likely have minimal subpages.

As the student progresses, the audience may become more external (e.g., potential employers or graduate schools). In addition, it is likely that more subpages will need to be added to organize more robust content and growing evidence of learning and development.


First Year

Middle Years

Senior Year

Landing Page

  • Name and photo
  • Welcome statement
  • Why I am in college
  • Quote, personal statement, wordle, video, poem, etc. that represents student
  • Strengths
  • Updated personal statement
  • Professional statement
  • Link to LinkedIn page

About Me

  • Mission or personal statement
  • Why college and why IUPUI
  • Goals: personal, academic, career, civic
  • Strengths and examples/evidence
  • Values and beliefs
  • Significant life experiences that shaped student and/or goals
  • Resume as summary of self to date
  • Progress toward goals and/or changes in goals
  • Reflection on how student has changed since the first year
  • College experience so far
  • Emerging evidence of professional identity
  • Refined and nuanced description and examples of how student has changed in college
  • “Ah ha” moments during college
  • Core beliefs and values
  • Who I hope to become as an independent adult

My Success


  • Definitions and anticipated behaviors associated with resiliency, growth mindset, and grit
  • Beginning examples of success-oriented behaviors
  • More concrete examples of success-oriented behaviors with short story of the identification of need, use of success skills, and outcomes
  • Summary of key success-oriented skills that student will carry into the future

My Academics


  • Academic plan (degree map)
  • Majors/minors and why they are a good fit
  • RISE plans
  • Learning styles
  • Understanding of PULs
  • Beginning showcase of academic work
  • Updated academic plan
  • Description/rationale for any changes
  • Awards and scholarships
  • RISE experiences and what was learned
  • Course showcase, including both description and evidence of best academic work (may be defined by department/school)
  • Synthesis of what was learned in curriculum
  • Capstone project
  • Key assignments with reflection (may be defined/required by department)
  • Evidence of PULs

My Career

  • Beginning resume
  • Career options/goals
  • Current skills, knowledge, and abilities to support career choice, as well as gaps and plans to fill those gaps
  • Career research
  • Next steps for career exploration/decision
  • Next steps to gain career experience
  • More concrete career plan
  • Progress on career goals
  • Work experience
  • RISE experiences and how they relate to career goals
  • Emerging professional network
  • Updated resume
  • Targeted career objective
  • Summary of accomplishments
  • Postgraduation plans and steps toward achieving career goals
  • Summary of knowledge, skills, and abilities
  • Updated resume
  • Showcase of work experience

My Involvement and Impact

  • Clubs and organizations student wants to or has joined
  • Reflections on campus activities in which student participated (may be a class requirement)
  • Evidence and reflection on campus and community involvement
  • Why student chose these activities and how they relate to goals
  • What student is learning from campus and community involvement
  • Photos
  • Synthesis of co-curricular and community involvement
  • Statement of impact and legacy
  • Why involvement was important for student and others